We at ATHARVA ENERGIO offers best and most-innovative solar street lighting system. It has in-built lithium-ion battery and Battery Management System which makes the installation and maintenance very easy. It is especially crafted to give 30-50% more brightness as compared to other outdoor lighting systems and functions even during cloudy days.

Owing to its smart design, short wire length and low idle current this Solar light can charge the batteries even during partially cloudy days. You can get 6-7 hours of light on cloudy days without installing bigger solar panels.

Lithium-ion batteries take less amount of time for charging as compared to LA batteries. These solar street light gets fully charged in just 5 hours of sunlight. It can run for 13 hours after getting charged.

In many places in India, LA batteries connected to solar street lights have been stolen because it is quite easy to do so. The battery box in which LA battery is kept is located not very far above the ground. However, This Light has in-built lithium-ion battery which makes it a ‘theft-proof’ solar street lighting system. It is unlikely that someone will climb up the street light pole and open the system to get the battery out.