The Solar Fencing we offer are based on latest technology and best quality material these solar fencings are especially designed to bear extreme weather conditions in India.

It comes with the lithium ion battery fitting so that you can get 6-7 hours of light on cloudy days without installing bigger solar panels. Lithium-ion batteries take less amount of time for charging as compared to LA batteries, they gets fully charged in just 5 hours of sunlight. It can run for 13 hours after getting charged.

Solar fencing carries the current around the fence. It delivers high voltage pulse signals of electricity through the wires once every second.

When an object or animal touches the fence, the electric circuit is completed by connecting to ground, resulting in a short electric shock, which passes through the object or animal. Solar fencing system is a popular and sought system for protecting premises for Agriculture, Security or High security applications. Requirement of Solar fencing, (which is also called as Power fencing) with Solar backup, has increased its appeal now, mainly because of awareness and availability of affordable brands. There is a great focus on ensuring that the specifications and demands are met.