The Solar Roof Panel we offer are based on latest technology and best quality material these solar panels are especially designed to bear extreme weather conditions in India, they are so efficient that they generate electricity from sunrise to sunset without fail. To eliminate shading, gap between module frame and solar cells is optimised.

Solar panels are made from thicker glass. Most of the solar panels available in the market are made up of 2mm thick glass while our solar panels use 4mm thick glass which provides a better resistance to shock. They have a strong permeability, and instead of reflection their focus is mainly on absorption

We uses the best quality solar cells which make the solar panels highly efficient. The cells are laminated between UV resistant polymer (EVA) and high transmission toughened glass surface, which helps in extended the life of solar panels and lessen the power degradation. It is found during the test results that the solar panels show degradation at 1% per year which is lower as compared to other solar panels available in the market. The other panels degrade at an average rate of 1.5-2% per year.